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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Conflicted Mom

I've often said that when a man with children goes to work, he leaves his home life behind. It seems to be expected in the work place. He works, and the little women is there to hold down the home front. Pick up the dirty socks, dry cleaning, groceries, prescriptions, and the kids of course. While working HER full time job.

So, why is it that a women is expected to be there on time, get the job done, stay late when needed and hold down the tasks at home. In the past few months I have watch a male co-worker call in late, call in sick, not call in and get away with it. And I leave to attend to a sick child or take a child to the doctors and I am scolded.

I work through lunch, attend meetings on nights and weekends and worked late the next two nights, with not even a thank you. Then I'm asked to travel two hours from home, on short notice (because someone else couldn't go.) When I mentioned I have children at home, I'm asked, for the third time in no less than three months "and how old are the boys now?"

My role as a mother will always be more important than the one I do from 9-whenever. I love what I do, I do it well. But, if I don't raise my children well, then nothing else really matters, does it?

So, next time the school nurse calls, turn away the guilt and conflicts. Because, there is no job more important than raising your children. And if your employer doesn't know that by now, they never will.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook Etiquette

In the past few days I have gotten some seemingly unsavory or down-right awful images posted to my wall. These were disguised as jokes, or gotcha images. Sexy women clad in various football jerseys, or less. Dance pictures with a tag, "spot the error." Or almost naked obese women in lingerie. And the infamous cupcake picture.

Now, I'm not a prude, but my children, some of their friends and even my step mother are "friends" of mine. Why do people think it is funny. Why would a man send a picture of an almost naked women to female friends. Then, the kicker... what you post on Facebook is available for all the world to see. Even if you have it selected for just  friends to see, it's not. Bosses, potential employers and others can see what you post. And, guess what? My boss, husband, 10-year old son and 79 year-old father saw it too. Even though I didn't post it. 

So think again. Is it really funny to send me a picture of hot mama that you have no chance of ever meeting?